Pros and Cons of Being a Digital Nomad Couple

Life as a digital nomad couple means you have to live out of your backpacks, and earn online – moving across cities and jumping from one accommodation to another across countries. If you are thinking of hitting the road with your significant other and having a long-term or indefinitely long adventure with him or her, you have to consider all the pros and cons before you embark on such a journey and embrace such a lifestyle that has not really caught on with everyone around in your social circle.

Pros of Being Digital Nomad Couples

With a partner, it is cheaper to rent an apartment. The rental expense of a one-bedroom or studio apartment would be the same when you are living alone or even with your partner. As a solo traveler, you will be expected to live with roommates to share the expenses or cover the rent all by yourself. Living with roommates can be tougher when you do not know each other’s language. When you share a room with your spouse, that problem is gone. You can also rest assured of your safety, knowing the person he or she is. You can also share the daily responsibilities and burdens. One can handle the meals, budgeting and shopping while the other one can book the apartments, buses, flights etc. There are the same perks as a digital nomad couple as a husband and wife gets in a home. This makes it better than going solo.

It is easy to get support when you are traveling as a couple. Spouses or partners can lean on each other. Whether you are in a state of culture shock, loneliness, homesickness or anxiety, you can have someone to lean on and get support from. You can also relax together with your partner in silence on those days you do not feel like traveling. Traveling is more fun as a couple. You can explore new places and destinations with a favorite person by your side. You can also feel more assured if you move off the beaten track. When you are uncertain of the terrain or trailhead a fellow traveler in the form of someone as close as a spouse or partner can be very useful for you. There is no need for you to only stick to the main tourist sites or move close to town.

You can obviously safer in a new destination when you have a close person by your side. In many countries, traveling as a solo female traveler can be difficult. There are no concerns about hiking in a remote area, having a drink too many in a bar or walking back home at night. While couples can also be targets of criminals, solo travelers can be easier for them to target. Regardless of the gender that you belong to, it can generally feel safer for you to travel when you have a partner by your side.

Cons of Being a Digital Nomad Couple

When you are single, you have to come back home for a few obligations – such as a wedding, funeral of a relative, a special family occasion etc. With a spouse or partner, you have to travel back home for his share of events as well. That can have an impact on your travel plans for more number of times, as you will be obligated to go with him for those trips. It can be tough to pick new destinations to visit as a couple. Your preferences as traveler might vary a lot, and if one likes small town ambiance while another loves to stay in a big city, you can be in for trouble. When you travel alone, you can be at more liberty of going anywhere you like. As a solo nomad, you can get anywhere you want without taking others’ preferences in consideration.

When you live and travel alone as a solo digital nomad, you can get the freedom to make new friends, go out wherever you want and have meet-ups as you like. This can be part of your positive experiences as a digital nomad. As a lone traveler, it can be easier for you to strike a conversation up with anyone at a bar and join his / her friend group for the night. When you are one-half of a couple, it is impossible to do that anymore. Couples happen to be less approachable as compared to solo travelers. Also, with a spouse or partner, you do not feel that inclined anymore to make new friends.

List of real Digital Nomad Couples you should follow

Yes, as a matter of fact they are increasingly becoming the norm rather than an exception. The internet is producing new jobs like never before, and this has also led to a change in lifestyles of couples. Many couples who hate a traditional 9 to 5 existence, buried in an office cubicle, are working and exploring the world together more now than earlier. Here are some real digital nomad couples you can draw inspiration from and who have been living around the world for some time now.

Alessia and Eddy

They met in Split in Croatia in 2017 guided by their destiny. Two weeks later, Alessia moved to Toulouse in France and left her life in Venice. They decided few month after to become Digital Nomad and today, the two have a blog that has become famous and many major brands have worked with them. Take a look at their blog here :

Dalene and Peter Heck

They are the couple behind the successful blog Hecktic Travels, regarded as one of the best professionally created digital nomad blogs ever witnessed. This husband and wife team got out of their corporate existence in 2007 and began to live out of a backpack, never going back to their old life again. They like this life and do not plan to settle down.

Simon Fairbairn and Erin McNeaney

They have sold all to be on the road indefinitely. In 2008, this couple from the United Kingdom began to travel but came back home after a year. But they soon found it tough to return into the mundane daily life with its repetitive activities. They had experienced all that the world has on offer, and they decided to sell everything to be on the road forever. They gave up their day jobs, rented their home out and started to work as digital nomads - hopping across countries and continents.

Amber & Eric Hoffman

Since 2009, they have been on the road. They travel slow and stay in a country for long enough to dig into its culture. This has helped them get richer experiences when compared to some couples who travel too quickly to ‘see’ a place well.

Woodrow and Scott Calafiore

They have been roaming the world since around 2010, and their travel blog happens to be among the most influential travel and digital nomad blogs online. The couple owns a software firm and is especially reputed for being able to take photos from unique angles and perspectives.

Jess and Stephen

This couple is from Australia, and began life as digital nomads in 2014. They soon grew popular in the digital nomad community. Like many other couples, they have their own YouTube channel and pack many years of existence into anywhere they go to – even when they are supposed to be there for just a few days.

Charles and Revati Victor

This professional Indian couple is the creative mind behind the blog ‘Different Doors’. They like to share their unique travel experiences through the blog, instead of regular accounts of travel. They are one of the digital nomad couples from the eastern side of the world.


Chris and Heather Boothman

One is a British and the other is an American. They have a business of their own and their blog is about their experiences as they travel through vast areas of the Earth. Their blog focuses on their nomadic as well as professional lifestyles, making it unique from those of other digital nomad couples out there. The digital nomad community can learn much from them.

Dan and Casey

The couple is in love with each other and the world, and also likes to describe themselves as extraordinary adventurers. Unlike other digital nomad couples, they try to bring adventurous travel to the fore and make everyone access such trips easily. The couple checks out the ultra-budget and luxury adventure travel experiences in every country that they go to, and comment on which one is the best. Thus, one can see things from a unique perspective from their blogs.

Dorene and Troy

They have the blog Intentional Travelers. The couple from Canada left their day jobs when they were in their ‘40s, downsized and had all their possessions – such as furniture, car, home etc sold in a year and debts resolved. They left their home and country to live on the roads and become digital nomads. Their blog reflects their experiences in different places and also inspire other couples who want to live a location-independent existence.